100 days of hustle :.

If I’m honest with myself at this point in time… Life is shit.

And I mean that in a.. ‘I’m not in a good place mentally’ kind of way.

The past few months have been the worst for my mental health ever. I’ve never thought about suicide more in my life. I’ve just been unhappy..Unhappy, being more like a descriptive placeholder word umtil I can better describe the mad depressive periods where getting out of bed took too much energy, and was punctuated with cycles of incredible anxiety that would send me into a spiral of crying that would not stop.

I was tired of living, and I so desperately was waging a battle in my own head that I wished someone could pull me out of. I needed my friends. I needed to feel human and worth something. When you doubt your own actual self-worth that you deem yourself unworthy of existing.. there’s a lot of pain there. Deep emotional pain that feels like someone branded you with a hot iron that never healed.

Pain. Let’s talk about pain. That horrible anxiety that tightened my chest so much it hurt to breathe, making me feel that it was easier to send the 2000 kg vehicle in my hands careening off the road to my inevitable end rather than have to deal another minute with that incredible pain.. pain that hurt me physically all the way to the edges of my soul. Dear God, please don’t let me experience that again. I’ve had enough.

I think what makes this all worse is that all of this is coming from within.. That it’s no longer external stimuli, it’s a battle being waged in my own head. To the rest of the world, I’m being happy-go-lucky kitty… but those who can see past the chipped paint facade and smiles that never reach the corners, they can see the tracks of tears and the aching to die.

And those that do see it, the few that are let in.. are those who bolster what little faith I have, who give me the strength that I so desperately need. The hugs have come few and far between.. but they have meant something.

What I needed has been seriously lacking from the people who mean the most. But perhaps that is my own fault. I expected a level of friendship from that I myself extended, but like most things, high expectations lead to mighty disappointments. If they have failed, it is only because what they don’t know is not their fault. Friendship is not about expectations.. so they who I want to lean on, I think we’ll revisit our friendship when I am better. Maybe.

For now, I’ve made the decision to heal myself. To fill the empty spaces in my heart and mind, and to heal my soul and spiritual self. Also to heal my life.

This is why I have chosen to do 100 days of hustle. 100 days of doing something everyday with full intention. To be fully present in my life, to be appreciative of what I have and am capable of and to try to have better religious practice. I need to make that personal one to one phone call to God, and make it a regular thing.

I also need to forgive myself. I need to acknowledge that the walls of mistrust I have, that the constant anger and fury that I whip up to protect myself from being hurt… is a product of the fact that I have not absolved or forgiven myself. That the 7 year old girl, and the 22 year old woman, who suffered sexual violence and mistreatment at the hands of others is not to blame, and is very much a worthy person. You, Aliya, are worthy of life and love. You are not damaged goods that deserves to be vilified and punished for something you did not wish for or have done to you. Every inch of you is blessed, and is not a canvas for knives, nails and permanent cuts and injuries. You, Aliya, are a person capable of beautiful things. You are not tissue paper… You are not used up and tossed aside waiting to be digested in the soil of the earth… You are a person who is lost in the woods, and can’t see the forest for the trees. You can love and you need to be loved, and the person who needs to love you is yourself. These are some of the hardest words to write and acknowledge, but everyday, you are going to look in the mirror and tell yourself.. “I am not damaged goods. I am a person worthy of love, and I love myself.”

Today, I watched a video that spread a powerful message :

Life is like going the wrong way on a moving walkway. Stand still and you go backwards. Walk and you stay put. Gotta hustle to get ahead.

I was walking too slow on the moving walkway of life.. Moving backwards instead of forwards, despite trying to get somewhere. Today that changes. Today marks the first day in #onehundreddaysofhustle.


Crimson Disappointment :.

Crimson Peak Poster found on Pinterest
Crimson Peak Poster found on Pinterest

The trailer for Crimson Peak piqued my curiosity enough to make me want to spend a few dollars on a cinema ticket. I’m not usually a fan of horror movies, I tend to avoid them like the plague.. Mainly because I get scared very easily, and my friends usually become the victims of my grabby hands. I’ve even managed to accidentally kick a popcorn bucket once (The Grudge, 2004).

With a stellar cast and the kind of director that can bring amazing visuals to life, Crimson Peak brought a lot of expectation to it. Come on! Tom Hiddleston! Mia Whatshername-who-played-Alice! And that intense chick from Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain! (Who I loved in The Help). I was hoping for a deep, dark mystery with an intense storyline that kept me on the edge of my seat, or rather, sinking into it as I hide from the freakish hauntings.

*Spoilers Start Now*

However, I was disappointed when it turned out to be a gothic thriller with a few ghosts thrown in. The way that it was sold, made you expect that this was the Halloween offering of the year.. that it would be the go to scare-fest, but aside from a few startling moments, it left me with more questions than answers.

Thin plotlines with holey allusions, and easily got conclusions. Yes, we got it early on that there was something funny going on between Lucille and Thomas Sharpe, and you can tell that they were schtupping quite early on in the movie, all due credit to those furtive uncomfortable glances and wicked acting by Hiddleston and especially Chastain. It’s such a shame that their awesome talent was just under-utilized and overcome by a slipshod plot. You really could see every twist coming, almost as if there was a giant red arrow flashing onscreen with “PLOT POINT AHEAD!”

I easily get bored when that happens, and I usually check out of the film-watch by playing with my phone, but I was still engaged by the beautiful sets and costumes. The whole Allerdale Hall mansion is just a visual treat. I think it would be an excellent haunted house tour, so many nooks and crannies, and so much to see. I was amazed by the fact that you could see so much of it and I wish that a lot more of the details could have gone onscreen, rather that putting the focus on dying insects. The mansion is just this excellent allegory of what is seemingly beautiful outside could be just rotten at its core, which is exactly what the Sharpe siblings are. The hole in the roof seemed a little bit crazy, in a practicality sense, but yet isn’t it just a fitting expression of how damaged Lucille is mentally? Girl does major damage in the head department (Edith’s father, head on sink action and also the Sharpe’s own mother who took a cleaver to the noggin..)

I have very little to say about Mia Wasikowska, maybe because I found little sympathy for the character, and barely paid enough attention to her. Edith, whom you presume to be intelligent and interesting by the virtue that she is an author (super thin plot point there!) is pale in the story. With rich and almost complex characters like the Sharpes, and the obvious hero-to-be Dr Alan fitting in his obvious trope, I don’t know what to make of  the character that’s supposed to carry and drive the story. I need to point out it’s not so much Wasikowska’s fault as it is del Toro’s. I feel that there could have been more shades to the character, and in the end she just was not that big of a screen presence, but rather like game avatar for shit to happen on.

There were a few epic moments that just made the whole cinema gasp. Lucille stabbing Thomas in the face was definitely one, the other being when she grabs the knife, blade into palm, from Edith. Chastain just literally steals the screen from Wasikowska..

The questions : Okay, what are the fucking rules on the ghosts? Why are they depicted so rotten, and yet Thomas was this beige benevolent beacon of… whatever.. and yet we have Black Momma ghost and red Momma ghost and the other red Baby Momma ghost? What gives?

Did anyone else wish there was gonna be an all out Momma ghost fight happening? Red Vs Black, that would have been something to see, and a more interesting plot to the ghost story, like say, Momma Sharpe haunting Edith as part of an angry vengeful ghostly legacy, yet Momma Cushing also haunting cos she can’t believe Edith would be stupid enough to go forth with Thomas despite super vague crappy warnings.. then it’s an all out Sharpe Vs Cushing wars as the two Momma ghosts and the two daughters battle it out to see who makes it out alive.. er.. dead.. I mean.. Dead and Alive?

Also, was the baby really Lucille’s or was that a figment of her mad mind? Also.. why did she go crazy? And was Momma Sharpe really as evil as she was comically depicted in her Disney’s Haunted Mansion-esque portrait? SO. MANY.QUESTIONS.

Nutshell : Tom was sexy, Jessica was disturbing, Mia was pale, Guillermo was fail.

I give this a 2 out of 5. I would have given it another half if we got to see the sex scene, but it’s Brunei and they censor that sort of shit here. Will probably have to wait for the DVD release to see it.

What is lost to us…


Grief is a natural response to loss. It is the emotional suffering one feels when something or someone the individual loves is taken away. Grief is also a reaction to any loss. The grief associated with death is familiar to most people, but individuals grieve in connection with a variety of losses throughout their lives, such as unemployment, ill health or the end of a relationship.

Thanks Wiki.

It can creep up on you slow, or it hits you like a speeding rollercoaster, either way, it hits you, and it hurts. It fucking hurts.

Today, I returned a pair of cats that I had intended to adopt to their original owner. Lily had won me over from the first day I met her with her sweet and amiable nature, following me from room to room, even though I was there to see a completely different pair of cats. TheBoy, I didn’t get to meet truly until much later when I finally brought him home and won his trust.


Though I had intended to return them within the first week of taking them home, those two annoying but lovable furrballs continued to burrow their way into my heart, showing me all their different and adorable sides..

Like this…


And This..


And when you look at a fat cute kitty doing this..


Can you really resist their furry charms?

I didn’t think so.

Days turned into weeks, and before I knew it, I loved them. I loved that Lily sometimes would groom me.. Which I thought was the weirdest thing ever.. I couldn’t believe it when TheBoy started jumping on me in bed and sitting on my chest, very similar to what my previous very much missed kitty, Cinnamon used to do. And when they both kneaded me, I knew both had “adopted” me..

And I kept delaying their inevitable return.. Hoping beyond hope that my parents would see these two beautiful kitties for what they are, and not just want pretty kittens.. That their two wonderful personalities, which were twice as endearing as they were annoying, would shine.. But alas.. They weren’t given a chance to show how truly lovely, sweet and loving they were..

And so here I lie, crying while I write this.

My chest feels tight and heavy, and I feel flashbacks from losing Cinnamon. They’re not as intense, but they’re there. The events of yesterday, when I witnessed the house cat, Latte bleeding and weak from a fight with a horrible neighbourhood cat just brought me to hysterical tears that I wasn’t even coherent when calling my sister to tell her that I had to bring our beloved baby to the vet.

I wasn’t ready, I am not ready to lose another cat, through death or otherwise..

A cat is an unexpected friend and comfort.. Cinnamon was comfort when two of my beloved relatives passed this year, so when I had to put my furry bestie to sleep, I was unconsolable. No matter how much I cried, tears would spring forth with the mention of his name, or if the thought of him passed through my mind. There was no one to comfort me. No soft purring or furtive glances or annoyed meowing to distract me from the incredible searing pain of grief I felt. Just like now.

I know it will pass. I know that in a series of tomorrows, I’ll notice less that they’re missing and that it’ll take less tears to pass the day. But for now, I am in so much pain. And I don’t know what to do.. But write.

I miss you all of you, my sweet sweet loves.



Cinnamon (2011 – 2014)




AZ Vs AVe : Part Deux :.

I suck at this. I know, I write better than I can PhotoChop.

I am glad to note that my previous blog post has gotten a lot of attention and sparked a lot of debate, as it rightly should. I’d like to thank everyone who has reposted in Facebook, retweeted the links, and expressed their support through this. I was amazed how many people related to my experience and am grateful to those who shared their stories too.

There have also been people who have reacted negatively to my post and commented. If these are real people with legitimate views, we have to respect them as they are as entitled to their opinions as I am, so I will be closing comments on the previous post from now onwards.

Now, on to the main event. As with any argument, there are two sides to every story, I have clearly stated my side and AVe has officially posted their reply in the comments yesterday morning. You can refer to it by clicking on the link, which has a comprehensive explanation about what went down.

I refrained from saying anything further until today, as I wanted everyone to digest both sides equally.

All that was left was how to tie a nice big bow on this issue to wrap it up. I am very pleased to say that this afternoon a representative from AVe called me personally, and we were able to discuss the matter further in a nice calm, interesting conversation.

He apologized on behalf of the company and said that they had an early morning meeting today with their staff to discuss the situation and assured me that they will try their hardest to improve so that these issues would not happen in future. There should have been protocols in place and better staff communication, but that will be resolved now that they are aware such problems can crop up.

I brought up the issue of the complaints that have been forwarded to me, and he said that everyone who has had an issue before are encouraged to e-mail them at info@ave.com.bn and to have it addressed, whether old or new. I will also be forwarding some of the comments and stories have received to them so they can also take notes in areas that need improving. They cannot change or improve if their customers keep quiet and remain unhappy, so please send in your complaints and concerns.

According to the rep, the demand for iPad 2s have been so high they have stopped taking preorders from today, but rest assured that those who have made their preorders prior to this will get their sets on the 5th and on the 10th of this month, subject to customs clearing and approval and release by AiTi, IN THE ORDER OF YOUR PREORDER BOOKING, if you’re first on the list, you’re the first to get a call, which is how it rightly should have happened in the first place.

So, In a nutshell, I am happy as I have my personal explanation and apology for everything, AVe can breathe a sigh of relief and there was peace throughout the land and rainbows. Yay.

But what can we all learn from all of this?

I am certainly not saying that having a fit in public is any manner or method to resolving an issue, but it certainly brought attention to the real issue at hand here : customer service and consumer rights.

Also many people failed to see that the whole post was not because I was sulking about not getting an iPad 2, but rather, that the customer service experience as a whole was not organised or equipped to handle a large volumes of demand or individual service, which as consumers handing over a large chunk of our salary to purchase premium products are rightly entitled to. I am not doing this to be self-serving, but to make people aware that as a consumer, you should have a great customer service experience everytime, whether as a 1st timer, or a repeat customer. Currently, there are no laws in Brunei that protect consumer rights, which a quick visit to the Attorney General’s Chambers website can prove. The AGC is still currently drafting this, so in layman’s terms, if you found a toenail in your kuey tiaw tapau and asked the restaurant to replace it, as far as your rights go, they can take out the toenail, spit it in further, take your money and not give a shit. How’s that feel then?

Having been put through this incident, and highlighted the issue to the awareness of the public, I want to encourage people to speak up if they are unhappy. If you get bad service, tell the manager or staff in question. Don’t be complacent and allow it to just thrive with the “Biarchia” (leave it be) attitude. People complain that things never change in Brunei, and is it any wonder why? Be the change you want to see.

I have embarrassed myself, put myself out there to public ridicule, yet I managed to get a result for the public for a situation I was unhappy with.

Oh, one more thing you trolls. I have brought to AVe’s attention that someone may have used their Internet connection to post cowardly comments on my  previous post last night, probably with an ID as fake as his arguments. I have been informed that AVe’s wi-fi connection is open for customers and staff to register products, so any pond scum can easily piggyback it to use for ill intentions and purposes. So the comment that was posted under AV’s server, please disregard it, as someone could have easily done so to further incite discontent and made this incident drag on longer than it should. This could be someone easily trying to discredit AVe as both stores were closed at the time.

Click to Embiggen!

See you guys on the 5th to pick up your new iPads. 🙂 I promise I will use my inside voice this time.

Thank you, I’m done now. So in conclusion ME + AV = OK.

The iPad 2 Fiasco at AV Electronics :.

As many may have heard by now, one very angry customer stormed into AV Electronic’s Kiulap branch around 11 am, Saturday morning and started yelling at the staff about an iPad 2. Let me start by saying, yes, I was that tall angry customer, and yes, I raised my voice and scolded the staff of AV (AVe).

But there were several events that led to this dramatic confrontation, and it is my intention to state them here, as I feel as a customer of said store, I have been unfairly treated to the point that I had to raise issues in such a manner.

Like many others in Brunei, I was eagerly awaiting the official launch of the iPad 2 here. The wait culminated with the announcement on AVe’s official Facebook page, which said that the official launching would happen at both the Kiulap and Mall branches at 10am, Friday 29th April, 2011.

Ave iPad Launching Announcement : As taken from AVe's Facebook Page

My response to this happy announcement :

With a friend and a family member in tow, I joined the queue at Kiulap around 9.30 am, with about 40 people in front of me. While waiting, we asked the sales assistant mind the line if there would be enough to go around, considering the line was getting longer, despite it moving forward. We were told assuredly that there was “a lot”.

This is further supported by TheWheat with his blog post : http://bit.ly/jMI9iI

in hand, I was hoping to score an iPad 2 that day, but as luck would have it, by the time I made it into the store and reached a counter, ready to order a White 64GB Wifi 3G model, I was told by the sales assistant that the units were “Habis”.

Disappointed, I decided to book 2 black 64GB 3G units, and one white one, for myself and two friends, paying a total of $2416.00 in cash upfront, enough to pay for two units and the minimum deposit for one. On my way out, my friend, E-NYC, spotted my exit and after she tweeted me, I called her, letting her know there were no 3G units left, and that they were only taking bookings.

By the way, I was issued this receipt :

The receipt???

To the left is TheWheat’s laptop trackpad, the right, size comparison against an iPod Touch. You can BARELY READ the damn thing. For all I know, I paid for a white elephant, and a sprig of barley with that receipt. How can a retailer allow such a thing?

Meanwhile, @TheWheat sent the following tweets about my disapointment to AVe’s official twitter account.

The first tweet @TheWheat sent @ave_brunei

The second tweet from @TheWheat to @ave_brunei

Later in the evening, after the Royal Wedding, I called E-NYC to ask if she made it to AVe. According to her, she and her friends decided to have lunch first, and went back to AVe, AND SHE MANAGED TO PURCHASE A WHITE 64 GB 3G iPad 2 THAT VERY AFTERNOON. I would like to point out now that E-NYC DID NOT book any units, and therefore managed to get it off the floor, without having to deal with the morning queue.

Livid, I tried to call The Mall branch to get an explanation, as by then it was 8pm, and the Kiulap branch had already closed. I called perhaps 6 or 7 times, after which I decided to schlep my angry ass to The Mall and DEMAND an explanation. Thus began the first angry rant at The Mall.

At this point, I have to give credit to the person in charge who dealt with my verbal attack, Helmi. Throughout, he remained calm, listened to everything I had to say, tried to offer explanations for the fact that I was unable to obtain an iPad2, this despite looking obviously fatigued and though he could not give me what I wanted, advised me that I should head to their Kiulap branch, as they had no 3G units available, only the Wifi ones.

Helmi retained my ridiculous tiny text receipt and issued me a FULL PAGE readable receipt.

AVe, take note, make the man employee of the month and give him a raise, as under the circumstances he behaved in a professional manner, which I hope other employees will take an example from.

And so the story comes full circle, with me stomping into AVe and demanding to speak to the manager.

I would like to say now, I would have been happy to wait for my booked units, had the circumstances been true, that the iPad2 3G were “habis”.

But to find out that I had to wait longer for a shipment, after waiting in the queue and being disappointed, only to hear that my friends, and now, more stories about other customers, being able to walk away with 3G iPad2s without waiting in the morning queue had me outraged. If such was the case, had I known, I would have not bothered to book, and would have just come in the afternoon to pick up what I wanted to purchase.

There are several points I want to highlight here that angered me enormously and made me feel that AVe LIED to me:

  1. When I arrived, I was told in no uncertain terms that the 3G units were “habis”, which is why I proceeded with the booking.
  2. I paid for 2 units FULL in CASH.
  3. Like a lot of other people, I queued eagerly and patiently, only to be disappointed.

When I demanded an explanation for the fact that people were able to purchase 3G units, despite my having been told that there were none left, Hilmi said that maybe my friend booked. Looking at the receipt of her purchase, he and I could see that it was clearly purchased off the floor, no advance booking.

In Kiulap on Saturday morning, I was told :

  • The units were from customers who canceled their orders (this was from a salesgirl whom I managed to terrorize before dealing with the manager)
  •  The manager told me that the units came from THE MALL branch, as the demand for the 3G units there were not high.

If the arguments above are true then:

  •  Why did they not follow the booking list? They should have called the customers according to the list of booked units, in the order that they booked. Especially to those who PAID IN FULL to ensure that they would get theirs.
  •  Why did they not try to book a unit for me at THE MALL? Or at least try to check this. I would have spent the extra time AND gas money to make my way there if they said they were out of stock but could assure me I could get my hands on one that day. Since I have CASH in hand, I would have made the extra effort!

Because of this, I strongly feel that, as a customer of AVe, I WAS LIED TO. This is what rightly spurred my anger to the point I raised my voice in AVe Kiulap that morning.

In the end, the Manager offered me one unit of the black 3G sets or a refund, the set which I took.

But I am not satisfied, as throughout this ordeal, I feel that with the exception of the Hilmi at The Mall, my customer service experience was EPIC FAIL!

On hindsight, am I happy that I had to resort to such a public display? I state here for the record : NO.

But given my experience in trying to purchase the iPad 2, was I justified in doing so? : YES. And my friends wholeheartedly agree.

Had this happened in the US or UK, this kind of actions would have been grounds for a lawsuit. But this happened in Brunei, rather than staying silent, I am DEFENDING my rights as a consumer.

AVe, you may be the sole official distributor of Apple products in Brunei, but it does not give you the right to walk all over customers. We do not blindly purchase to our heart’s whim, we are educated and smart consumers. I was walked all over, lied to and even yelled back at by The Manager, which I will admit was justified because I was being so angry, but should he have done so? But would I have been so angry had these series of fiascoes happened in the first place?

I as you, dear readers, had you been in my place, would you have stood for it?

I’d like to note also, that throughout all this, I was not offered a proper apology.

Meanwhile :

Above contains the only reply from the official AVe Twitter account to myself. The twitter account has not tried to tweet me anything else, and aside from the booking incidents and the heated exchanges at both Mall and Kiulap, no other attempts have been made to contact me.

I am not taking this public to name and shame, but to assert that AVe cannot act willy nilly to their customers. This happened to many people, who are probably UNAWARE of this. I am not the only one on the waiting list, but I am certainly not going to TAKE THIS LYING DOWN.

AVe, I await your response and your full side of the story. As a gesture of goodwill, I will apologise to your staff whom I angrily dealt after I have received an EXPLANATION and AN APOLOGY for all of the above.

You may contact me through my e-mail address : rozalia_zin@yahoo.com

The following Twitter accounts : @AliyaZin @JustCinful

To everyone else who purchased an iPad 2 or were disappointed, please share this link to your friends. You, like I, have consumer rights too, and I hope by making people aware of incidents like these, we can collectively assert our rights as consumers and do not allow retailers like these to screw us over.

SGU : “Epilogue”

SGU Crew Promotional Shot

I didn’t immediately fall in love with this particular incarnation of the Stargate Franchise the way I did SG-1 or Atlantis, but after tonight’s episode, I was honestly sad that it’s been cancelled.

SGU differed from the other series with it’s “island” themed storyline. Stick a bunch of people on an partly broken down ship going to God-knows-where and see how they all get along. I was excited for it when Atlantis was first cancelled, as I thought it would fill the void left by its predecessors. Highly anticipating the series premiere in Fall 2009, I was left somewhat disappointed, and perhaps with a bad taste in my mouth. I actually had to rewatch the whole episode to figure out why.

 What, no way out? Are you kidding me? They’re stuck on an effing ship??? How long is this going to last? WTF? OMG HOW I HATE RUSH!!!

As the series progressed, my hate for Dr. Nicholas Rush kept growing and growing… You have to give Robert Carlyle credit for his portrayal. You either loved him or hated him, there were no in-betweens. The only character I remotely felt for was Eli Wallace, being the “new kid in space” and all. Blue’s honesty and curiosity behind Eli made me love him, even though he was a real Mama’s boy. I didn’t like Scott, and I felt Chloe was the “Mary jane” of the crew. But in true Stargate tradition, the storylines were compelling, yet confusing  with the multi-verses and versions of everyone. What surprised me more was the use of music in the series, especially in Ep. 9 of season one, Flogging Molly’s The Worst Day Since Yesterday, which I felt though comical, conveyed the situation of the trapped crewmembers so perfectly. With these little things in mind, I journeyed on with SGU, hoping perhaps for epic space battles and awesome aliens, and eventually I did get my wish, even if the aliens were more ewww than awesome.

Tonight though, with “Epilogue”, I was in tears from first scene til the last. I’ll try not to spoil much for you Hulu-ers and those watching in other countries, but there were a lot of things in the episode that I liked, but the majority of it had to do with Col. Young’s scenes in “Novus”+. I also liked the fact how Eli played a large role in the settlement, and perhaps the best part was RUSH WAS NOT THERE! Hah! See they didn’t need you, you egotistical, maniacal son of a…

“Epilogue” was perhaps one of the best episodes of SGU so far, and I am devastated that because of the series cancellation, the writers won’t be able to wrap up what was growing to be an excellent storyline. I can only hope that the grand powers of TV somewhere will decide to pick up the series, but I doubt it. The least we can hope for is a straight to DVD movie, but as “Stargate : Extinction”, Atlantis’ intended final vehicle was shelved indefinitely since SGU’s cancellation. Boo you, Syfy.

SG-1 will always be my favourite series out of the whole franchise, with capable Sam, humorous O’Neill, abused Jackson, and stoic Teal’c, while Atlantis was the annoying yet endearing kid sister to their older sister, with characters that eventually grew on you (in particular Hewlett’s portrayal of McKay, McGillion’s Carson Beckett and of course, Flanigan’s rather yummy John Sheppard) but still left you wanting. After tonight though, and finally! seeing the direction which the writers were going, I started to appreciate the finer points of SGU. With two episodes left in it’s belt, I will be watching intently, tissues in hand, unwillingly saying goodbye to a friend that has accompanied me since my student years, The Stargate Franchise.