SGU : “Epilogue”

SGU Crew Promotional Shot

I didn’t immediately fall in love with this particular incarnation of the Stargate Franchise the way I did SG-1 or Atlantis, but after tonight’s episode, I was honestly sad that it’s been cancelled.

SGU differed from the other series with it’s “island” themed storyline. Stick a bunch of people on an partly broken down ship going to God-knows-where and see how they all get along. I was excited for it when Atlantis was first cancelled, as I thought it would fill the void left by its predecessors. Highly anticipating the series premiere in Fall 2009, I was left somewhat disappointed, and perhaps with a bad taste in my mouth. I actually had to rewatch the whole episode to figure out why.

 What, no way out? Are you kidding me? They’re stuck on an effing ship??? How long is this going to last? WTF? OMG HOW I HATE RUSH!!!

As the series progressed, my hate for Dr. Nicholas Rush kept growing and growing… You have to give Robert Carlyle credit for his portrayal. You either loved him or hated him, there were no in-betweens. The only character I remotely felt for was Eli Wallace, being the “new kid in space” and all. Blue’s honesty and curiosity behind Eli made me love him, even though he was a real Mama’s boy. I didn’t like Scott, and I felt Chloe was the “Mary jane” of the crew. But in true Stargate tradition, the storylines were compelling, yet confusing  with the multi-verses and versions of everyone. What surprised me more was the use of music in the series, especially in Ep. 9 of season one, Flogging Molly’s The Worst Day Since Yesterday, which I felt though comical, conveyed the situation of the trapped crewmembers so perfectly. With these little things in mind, I journeyed on with SGU, hoping perhaps for epic space battles and awesome aliens, and eventually I did get my wish, even if the aliens were more ewww than awesome.

Tonight though, with “Epilogue”, I was in tears from first scene til the last. I’ll try not to spoil much for you Hulu-ers and those watching in other countries, but there were a lot of things in the episode that I liked, but the majority of it had to do with Col. Young’s scenes in “Novus”+. I also liked the fact how Eli played a large role in the settlement, and perhaps the best part was RUSH WAS NOT THERE! Hah! See they didn’t need you, you egotistical, maniacal son of a…

“Epilogue” was perhaps one of the best episodes of SGU so far, and I am devastated that because of the series cancellation, the writers won’t be able to wrap up what was growing to be an excellent storyline. I can only hope that the grand powers of TV somewhere will decide to pick up the series, but I doubt it. The least we can hope for is a straight to DVD movie, but as “Stargate : Extinction”, Atlantis’ intended final vehicle was shelved indefinitely since SGU’s cancellation. Boo you, Syfy.

SG-1 will always be my favourite series out of the whole franchise, with capable Sam, humorous O’Neill, abused Jackson, and stoic Teal’c, while Atlantis was the annoying yet endearing kid sister to their older sister, with characters that eventually grew on you (in particular Hewlett’s portrayal of McKay, McGillion’s Carson Beckett and of course, Flanigan’s rather yummy John Sheppard) but still left you wanting. After tonight though, and finally! seeing the direction which the writers were going, I started to appreciate the finer points of SGU. With two episodes left in it’s belt, I will be watching intently, tissues in hand, unwillingly saying goodbye to a friend that has accompanied me since my student years, The Stargate Franchise.