The iPad 2 Fiasco at AV Electronics :.

As many may have heard by now, one very angry customer stormed into AV Electronic’s Kiulap branch around 11 am, Saturday morning and started yelling at the staff about an iPad 2. Let me start by saying, yes, I was that tall angry customer, and yes, I raised my voice and scolded the staff of AV (AVe).

But there were several events that led to this dramatic confrontation, and it is my intention to state them here, as I feel as a customer of said store, I have been unfairly treated to the point that I had to raise issues in such a manner.

Like many others in Brunei, I was eagerly awaiting the official launch of the iPad 2 here. The wait culminated with the announcement on AVe’s official Facebook page, which said that the official launching would happen at both the Kiulap and Mall branches at 10am, Friday 29th April, 2011.

Ave iPad Launching Announcement : As taken from AVe's Facebook Page

My response to this happy announcement :

With a friend and a family member in tow, I joined the queue at Kiulap around 9.30 am, with about 40 people in front of me. While waiting, we asked the sales assistant mind the line if there would be enough to go around, considering the line was getting longer, despite it moving forward. We were told assuredly that there was “a lot”.

This is further supported by TheWheat with his blog post :

in hand, I was hoping to score an iPad 2 that day, but as luck would have it, by the time I made it into the store and reached a counter, ready to order a White 64GB Wifi 3G model, I was told by the sales assistant that the units were “Habis”.

Disappointed, I decided to book 2 black 64GB 3G units, and one white one, for myself and two friends, paying a total of $2416.00 in cash upfront, enough to pay for two units and the minimum deposit for one. On my way out, my friend, E-NYC, spotted my exit and after she tweeted me, I called her, letting her know there were no 3G units left, and that they were only taking bookings.

By the way, I was issued this receipt :

The receipt???

To the left is TheWheat’s laptop trackpad, the right, size comparison against an iPod Touch. You can BARELY READ the damn thing. For all I know, I paid for a white elephant, and a sprig of barley with that receipt. How can a retailer allow such a thing?

Meanwhile, @TheWheat sent the following tweets about my disapointment to AVe’s official twitter account.

The first tweet @TheWheat sent @ave_brunei

The second tweet from @TheWheat to @ave_brunei

Later in the evening, after the Royal Wedding, I called E-NYC to ask if she made it to AVe. According to her, she and her friends decided to have lunch first, and went back to AVe, AND SHE MANAGED TO PURCHASE A WHITE 64 GB 3G iPad 2 THAT VERY AFTERNOON. I would like to point out now that E-NYC DID NOT book any units, and therefore managed to get it off the floor, without having to deal with the morning queue.

Livid, I tried to call The Mall branch to get an explanation, as by then it was 8pm, and the Kiulap branch had already closed. I called perhaps 6 or 7 times, after which I decided to schlep my angry ass to The Mall and DEMAND an explanation. Thus began the first angry rant at The Mall.

At this point, I have to give credit to the person in charge who dealt with my verbal attack, Helmi. Throughout, he remained calm, listened to everything I had to say, tried to offer explanations for the fact that I was unable to obtain an iPad2, this despite looking obviously fatigued and though he could not give me what I wanted, advised me that I should head to their Kiulap branch, as they had no 3G units available, only the Wifi ones.

Helmi retained my ridiculous tiny text receipt and issued me a FULL PAGE readable receipt.

AVe, take note, make the man employee of the month and give him a raise, as under the circumstances he behaved in a professional manner, which I hope other employees will take an example from.

And so the story comes full circle, with me stomping into AVe and demanding to speak to the manager.

I would like to say now, I would have been happy to wait for my booked units, had the circumstances been true, that the iPad2 3G were “habis”.

But to find out that I had to wait longer for a shipment, after waiting in the queue and being disappointed, only to hear that my friends, and now, more stories about other customers, being able to walk away with 3G iPad2s without waiting in the morning queue had me outraged. If such was the case, had I known, I would have not bothered to book, and would have just come in the afternoon to pick up what I wanted to purchase.

There are several points I want to highlight here that angered me enormously and made me feel that AVe LIED to me:

  1. When I arrived, I was told in no uncertain terms that the 3G units were “habis”, which is why I proceeded with the booking.
  2. I paid for 2 units FULL in CASH.
  3. Like a lot of other people, I queued eagerly and patiently, only to be disappointed.

When I demanded an explanation for the fact that people were able to purchase 3G units, despite my having been told that there were none left, Hilmi said that maybe my friend booked. Looking at the receipt of her purchase, he and I could see that it was clearly purchased off the floor, no advance booking.

In Kiulap on Saturday morning, I was told :

  • The units were from customers who canceled their orders (this was from a salesgirl whom I managed to terrorize before dealing with the manager)
  •  The manager told me that the units came from THE MALL branch, as the demand for the 3G units there were not high.

If the arguments above are true then:

  •  Why did they not follow the booking list? They should have called the customers according to the list of booked units, in the order that they booked. Especially to those who PAID IN FULL to ensure that they would get theirs.
  •  Why did they not try to book a unit for me at THE MALL? Or at least try to check this. I would have spent the extra time AND gas money to make my way there if they said they were out of stock but could assure me I could get my hands on one that day. Since I have CASH in hand, I would have made the extra effort!

Because of this, I strongly feel that, as a customer of AVe, I WAS LIED TO. This is what rightly spurred my anger to the point I raised my voice in AVe Kiulap that morning.

In the end, the Manager offered me one unit of the black 3G sets or a refund, the set which I took.

But I am not satisfied, as throughout this ordeal, I feel that with the exception of the Hilmi at The Mall, my customer service experience was EPIC FAIL!

On hindsight, am I happy that I had to resort to such a public display? I state here for the record : NO.

But given my experience in trying to purchase the iPad 2, was I justified in doing so? : YES. And my friends wholeheartedly agree.

Had this happened in the US or UK, this kind of actions would have been grounds for a lawsuit. But this happened in Brunei, rather than staying silent, I am DEFENDING my rights as a consumer.

AVe, you may be the sole official distributor of Apple products in Brunei, but it does not give you the right to walk all over customers. We do not blindly purchase to our heart’s whim, we are educated and smart consumers. I was walked all over, lied to and even yelled back at by The Manager, which I will admit was justified because I was being so angry, but should he have done so? But would I have been so angry had these series of fiascoes happened in the first place?

I as you, dear readers, had you been in my place, would you have stood for it?

I’d like to note also, that throughout all this, I was not offered a proper apology.

Meanwhile :

Above contains the only reply from the official AVe Twitter account to myself. The twitter account has not tried to tweet me anything else, and aside from the booking incidents and the heated exchanges at both Mall and Kiulap, no other attempts have been made to contact me.

I am not taking this public to name and shame, but to assert that AVe cannot act willy nilly to their customers. This happened to many people, who are probably UNAWARE of this. I am not the only one on the waiting list, but I am certainly not going to TAKE THIS LYING DOWN.

AVe, I await your response and your full side of the story. As a gesture of goodwill, I will apologise to your staff whom I angrily dealt after I have received an EXPLANATION and AN APOLOGY for all of the above.

You may contact me through my e-mail address :

The following Twitter accounts : @AliyaZin @JustCinful

To everyone else who purchased an iPad 2 or were disappointed, please share this link to your friends. You, like I, have consumer rights too, and I hope by making people aware of incidents like these, we can collectively assert our rights as consumers and do not allow retailers like these to screw us over.


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  1. Oh man!! I totally would have reacted the same way!!! I don’t blame you for getting so furious. AV Electronics better watch out. In this day and age of social media, bad rep spread faster than an STD.

  2. I salute you for this! AVe kiulap should improve their customer service. Went there last year to purchase a macbook pro, and the staff weren’t helpful. I explained my situation that I needed it asap cos I was gonna leave the country, but the staff said that there was nothing he can do about it pasal habis stock. He didn’t even try to suggest anything! Only went to layan us when my parents started to say out loud yang drg kurang layanan. Turns out ada stock for the other macs with diff specs. The Kiulap branch staff should’ve been more helpful.

    1. Thank you. Yes, they are severely lacking in customer service! Ever since I wrote this post, I’ve been getting lots of disturbing feedback from angry customers about AV. It’s about time someone said something, and I don’t mind being the voice for all those angry customers!

  3. Oh, that was you in the shop being very loud this morning!

    Of course, I didn’t know the story, but frankly, the commotion you made was quite distracting for others in the shop. I would be understandably pissed off as well if I didn’t get my iPad, as it seems everyone there wanted one, and there are not enough for everyone, as it always is for Apple’s new products all over the world. I bought mine in USA during launch day there and it was really mad!!! Fights broke out outside the SF apple store actually..

    I do think, that you got to give them come credit. They did attend to a lot of customers on friday, and everyone seems to wanna rush. It was pretty jammed pack whnb I was there, and I spoke to a number of people outside the store, they were happy that these guys managed to get the iPad 2 launched same day as the big countries in Asia, and didn’t inflate prices and kept it reasonable, unlike other vendors locally. They said it was done well, considering the crazy eager crowd..

    Anyways, I got my case this morning and bought a new screen protector, (a leather smart case, lovely btw!), and the staff was very helpful and took great care in putting it on. In my books, they were awesome every time that I have come in for the past years.

    It’s probably just a case of miscommunication in all the commotion of the launch…


    1. Since you are a happy customer, of course, you would be pleased with them, but so far, out of all the responses I have received, whether on Facebook on Twitter or here, you have been the sole defender of AV. I have received over 20 different complaints about AV, which, given the nature of social media, is a shoddy track record.

      With whatever little respect they are due, AV are not all bad. I’m sure they may have been good with some customers, but they should be consistent.

      As a consumer, I am rightly voicing my bad customer experience, which should be addressed. I will give credit when credit is due, but at this point, they are so severely lacking.

      That said, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this. I’m sorry that it encroached on your shopping experience. enjoy your new iPad!

  4. hi.

    I was in the queue as well, and by the time it was my turn. It was ‘habis’.

    My side of story was that I went the night before (Thursday) just to look and see. And so I thought I try my luck and asked if I can pre book it and get it on Friday. The guy said no. Fine fair enough everyone was going to queue on Friday.

    Was dissapointed. Worse was when I later found out my colleague’s sister PRE BOOKED it on Thursday and got it on Friday. I couldn’t and she could! Any explanation AV?


    1. Thanks for reading and for your story! I will be sure to bring this up with them if they ever get back to me. Either they are afraid to say anything or they are just ignoring me right now, thinking it will blow over.

      AV need to be consistent in their customer service, and they need to do listen to their customers! If it wasn’t for the fact they they’re the sole official Apple distributor in Brunei, they would lose lots of customers!

      1. Have you ever walk in other local vendors? this vendor sold me iPhone 4, after few months my phone died. I went back to complain and seek for assistance. Guess what happened? They recommended me to claimed it from av. I was shocked! not only am ripped, I am fooled too. Darn! Av made my day. Am not taking sides. Just an old sayings: “one bad apple spoils the whole bushel”… Give them a chance to make it up to you. No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers. (finger crossed)

  5. Hi
    I am a Mac enthusiasts just like others. I would sum up this whole fiasco as unreasonable = a waste of time. Read between the lines. Speaking of other countries, I’ve been there and trust me far worst. Not to mention the endless queue, the stocks weren’t enough to feed the demand. Somehow, when I laid it in words this sounded second rated. But again, it’s your point of view.

    If I’m unhappy, I would call in to make an appointment since this is happening in Brunei. Like I said if it was an apple store I would be probably dismissed by the security. I would rather hear their say then speculating the whole scenarios.

    Wishing you the best of luck…

  6. Hi All,

    Firstly, we like to thank our customers, and all those who attended and participated in our iPad 2 launching, making it a very successful launch, with an extremely overwhelming response. We are happy to get the opportunity to make available the iPad 2 at the official and proper low prices, and to have a concurrent launch in Brunei along with the much larger regional countries. Our entire AVE team strives hard to unite as many iPad 2 with our eager customers, and we are glad to see many, many customers with happy iPad 2 smiles!

    We also wish to thank the countless Bloggers, Tweeters, and other online enthusiasts, who have covered our event with great zest, reviews, pictures and innovative videos. It was indeed great to see the very same technology that we all love, covering our events.

    We are sorry for the delayed response as our team was totally occupied and focused on the past 2 launch days.

    While we sincerely do try our utmost best to ensure that we can accommodate all our customer’s demands and prepare to meet them for the launch, the absolutely fantastic response did, frankly, overwhelm us (as it did at most Apple Authorized stores in all countries). The iPad 2, like all of Apple’s products, is extremely desirable, and as usual, during launches, the units available are constrained, and won’t be able to meet the demand for it. A quick regional check across Apple Authorized resellers who launched the iPad 2 along with us, also exhibited the same pattern of demand outstripping supply, very, very, quickly.

    We truly apologize to those of you who had patiently queued and visited us for an iPad 2, but were not able to purchase one immediately, due to stocks running out. Rest assured, more unit allocations are already on the way from Apple, and are scheduled to arrive on May 5th and 10th (upon airline/cargo shipment arrival, AITI approval and local customs clearance), and in subsequent weeks. Our AVE team will work hard to ensure we make it available as fast as we can upon arrival, to all our awaiting customers who have made their booking, in the order that we receive their booking (first in, first out). Hundreds have received their iPad 2s, and hundreds more will receive theirs in the upcoming shipment arrivals.

    A special apology is definitely due, to Ms Roz Alia, for her regretful experience during the launch, and to any others who may had similar. It is indeed not the way we would like our customers to experience our stores. Our team takes pride in aiming for perfection in delivering a top customer experience across the board at our stores, but at times, we do make mistakes as we are only human, especially when overwhelmed with the truly amazing response at the launch. More importantly, is for us to have a constructive dialog and to learn on where we can improve, to ensure we continue on our endeavor to go the extra mile for all our valued customers.

    During launch day, upon the huge queue which was continuing to build up at our Qlap store, we scrambled to add an additional temporary point-of-sale station (POS) to help ease the congestion. However, we had some technical problem on our POS with inventory status (it’s not correctly updating) and on the receipt prints (it was tiny!). However, rather that stopping the system and causing a jam in the queue, we went ahead with these prints, as the order #O-2xxxxx are still clearly visible on the receipt, and this # cross-references with the customer’s order in the system. A larger A4 size invoice can be printed upon request, or customers can email us to request for a PDF copy of their Order/Invoice, if they prefer. We apologized to customers with regards to the tiny prints, and both issues were dealt with by noon and restored to full operation.

    It is not, and will never be our intention, to misled our customer, or mistreat anyone, in any shape or form, irregardless of the nature of the issue in question. This is indeed a case of mis-communication, coupled by unfortunate issues above.

    While of course, on hindsight, we could have made things better, we take away from this episode, learning, and will strive to improve for our next event. We seek everyone’s kind understanding to remain calm if errors are made along the way. Throwing tantrums, threats, and profanities won’t be the best way to resolve matters. It’s our immediate objective to make our customers happy, and will do everything we can to reasonably meet demands and ratify any issues, as we understand that our beloved Apple products creates an amazing attachment to it, at at such, emotions does run high, especially when it’s ultra busy.

    In the meantime, we look forward to delivering more iPad 2s to our customers, once our next and subsequent batch arrives, especially to the customers who have booked. We appreciate your patience, and each of you will be contacted immediately upon your unit’s arrival.

    Thank you again, and should anyone has further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone (2237650/1) or via email (, and we will revert to you promptly.

    AV Electronics Sdn Bhd.

  7. Wow. It seems like as if AV is trying their best to maximize their business profit. At least that’s the first impression i got after reading your post. The fact that you paid upfront, from their perspective means they’ve already ‘secure’ your business. Since they’ve told you they ran out of stock with the iPads, it could be a possibility they were expecting you to wait quietly while selling more iPads to other customers since they might lose these customers who did not make any bookings. Then again, whatever reason AV provided you with, i just hope their actions and answers were done genuinely and most importantly, ethically.

    But i applaud you for making this into a big deal because i personally think retail stores in Brunei really need to really step up and groom their staffs with providing proper customer service. Adding a simple “sorry” before spitting the word “habis” could have possibly cool the situation down. There are some stores where the moment you walk in, the sales assistant behave like as if you’re giving them trouble instead of business.

    If i were you, i would’ve done what most people would end up doing. Get it from Singapore. Lol!

  8. Seriously, I think you are blowing this all out of proportion… What is the problem here? Why didn’t you take the refund? Did they force you to place a deposit for the full amount? Or buy a unit? If you are not willing to wait, why don’t you just buy elsewhere, or wait until there are more stocks readily available? Heheee, if you go to most company, no one would actually even bother to reply you, just go elsewhere lah… I wonder who is doing the publicity stunt, you or them..

    1. The problem is here is we have a customer wanting to buy 2 items from a store only to find out from them that it’s out of stock. But when some of her friends drop in the store, they managed to get the item. Everyone has their own way of handling situation. In your case, you’d probably wait for more stock and then buy but for people like me, when i set my mind to get something on a particular day, i will do what i can to get it. Otherwise, i’ll have a sleepless night. 😛

      I wouldn’t say she’s blowing out of proportion (maybe the yelling bit) but hey i’d be equally pissed if i queued to get the stuff only to be told that it’s out of stock when they still have some? If it’s literally out of stock, then nobody else after her should have any. That’s out of stock.

  9. I’m shocked that this incident is being blown out of proportion. I’m a Mac users since 1992 and have been an AVE customer since they first started back then. Over the years, I’ve yet to encounter any serious problems that demands this ‘level’ of ‘publicity’. I’m sure you are not happy with what happened to you. Had this happened to me, I would be too but I’m willing to listen to what they say and by what I’ve read, I think they made a genuine error in the midst of the chaos on that super busy day. They have made an apology and have offered you a refund. I’m suprised that you are still persistently crying over spilt milk.

    What do you want AVE to do for you ?, give you a free iPad 2 and kneel down before you and apologise to you. Haha, be a realist.

    I’m also surprised that considering that the only authorised apple reseller here in Brunei (AVE) is being taken a bashing time and time again while other rogue resellers which I wouldnt mention seems to have no issues at all with their customers (which I find laughable at best). If I were you, I’d just keep my mouth shut and since I think you are bitter, take the refund and buy from the other retailers. I’m sure they have ‘plenty’ of stocks now that the official pricing have been released (haha). Good luck with your warranty and support.

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks.

  10. I think a lot of people are missing the point to this post. Although there was a fit thrown to address the issue to AV, we cannot forget the reasons FOR it in the first place.

    As customers, we all have rights and if we do not exercise these rights, retailers can simply walk all over us. From giving other people items you’ve prebooked to surrendering your booked table to a waiter’s friend… Many of us would just put our hands up, admit defeat and go somewhere else. That’s the easiest way, isn’t it? Typical of a lazy Bruneian who doesn’t know their rights as a consumer.

    The issue at hand is that an official retailer, after having made a big do about the iPad launch, still failed to ‘serve’ their customers especially those who started waiting in line even before the doors opened. Why were there no announcements when the 3G+wi-fi units supposedly ran out. Instead, there was just a promise that there were ” plenty” left.

    Customer service has always been an issue in Brunei but we take it as the norm. Sour-faced cashiers, rude waiters and blatant lies (ever had a sales woman tell you they “habis” a shoe size even without checking?) or force yourself to finish a horrible meal. This is merely the beginning of a consumer revolution.

    We know what we deserve when we pay for. This wasn’t a complaint about a rude Nasi Katok seller but an official retailer for one of the world’s leading companies. They have a reputation to uphold here and customer service is a basic.

    So for those who opt to get a refund and buy their units elsewhere, go ahead. These sort of retailers don’t care who they sell to as long as they make a sale. But if we don’t continue to stand for our rights as consumers, we’ll continue to be treated as simply people who give them money.

    Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Unless somebody out there thinks that there are members of society unbefitting of them (opinions AND assholes of course!)

    1. What is it that you wanted with your consumer right ? I still find it laughable that people are persistently demanding something out of the ordinary. Can you enlighten us and let us know what is it that you wanted after all the apologies and the explanation ?

      People here are talking about consumer rights left front and center. Most retailers here in Brunei I agree do lack customer service. The point at hand are very simple, a customer gets angry due to an error on the retailers part. The retailer have made an apology and have reported their side of the story and have offered the customer a choice. Of course, the retailer in question must now increase their customer handling and also create more rigid SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for these type of situation so as not to repeat the mistake in the future.

      Apart from that, I DO NOT SEE THE POINT of hyping it out simply for purely bashing a retailer. It’s bitterness I’m sorry but I’m being blunt and I couldnt give a rat’s ass about AVE and their business but I also a realist and I do not see what the hype is all about. Explain what you mean by consumer right ? What do you want the retailer to do in addition to the above choices which have been given to this customer ?? I also would like to learn and maybe adopt these practises the next time I shop at AVE or any other retail outlets here in Brunei.

      1. How is asking to be made a priority customer AFTER having supposedly “pre-booking” something (and have a walk-in customer obtain one instead) considered out of the ordinary?

        Yes, AVE need to ensure that their SOP is improved from this point on and this experience merely reminds them that. What’s the point of sophisticated machines and databases with customer information if they can’t see who’s next in line on the pre-book list, for example?

        There will be major launches in the future. I hope AVE and other retailers can learn from how to manage their stocks in order to minimise customer disappointment.

      2. To phoenixlancer

        She is being made into a priority customer and due to the system glitch she is not seen in the system. Don’t you get it ? That’s the mistake, the error, the fault that AVE have done. We all get it !!

        Again, after all has been said and done, what else do you want AVE to do ? Highlighting the error time and time again is futile. Make a suggestion on how these matters should be dealt with in the future.

        I’m not a retailer but I’m sure it’s not easy being a big organisation with lots of logistical procedures to adhere to. Mistakes do happen and that’s what happened that day. I would do exactly the same as the retailer in question. I would improve my SOP, make necessary checks and balance to ensure that these type of mistake can be alleviated altogether. Customer relations is key which I think AVE have addressed very well. Give the customer a choice on the refund. And of course make an apology.

        It is unfortunate that this happened to Ms Ros Aliya but it could have happened to anybody else I agree.

  11. HahhahahahhI laugh when I see this. I am from Malaysia, and I looking for the iPad 2 also since Friday, and you know what, all the resellers in KL finish in under 1 hour!!!!

    Some shop only have 10 unit.. and I Q for 2 hour!!! You see their posts la if you don’t believe me… and this one is the top resellers la..

    this one got KL got Singapore:

    This one big KL shops Machines, so many complains their FB site also off…

    Every shop many people, but only few get ipad 2. Every place like fish market. Apple stock really not much for msia, I think your country good already got few hundreds people get.

    People say sorry to you for mistake, still offer you ipad or refund money, you still not happy ah?

  12. Okay guys, thanks everyone for reading. I’ve had my say and AV has responded, so I’m glad this is a topic that has sparked a lot of debate and that a lot of people have paid attention to.

    Btw Choon-ie darling, you were speaking as someone for Malaysia, but your IP clearly states :
    Author : Choon Tiah (IP: ,

    😉 I’m glad you guys are paying attention too.

    1. Hiiiiiya… what is your problem? Just now went to their shop looking for ipad 2, and talk to their staff and told them long story i cnnot get ipad in KL…q so long also..

      They also tell me, here also very crazyy and many ppl.. and got 1 make long story on internet….. they show me your page. I also goyang kepala.. so I reply laa… so now what you want my i/C aahh????

      BTW… im not your darling..

  13. HAHAHA!! in your FACE!!hows that feel??!hahaha =) just because of IPAD 2 you are yelling at the AV store?? so stupid of you!

    1. I guess it takes one to know one, eh? ^_~ Yet again, MORE people are missing out on the WHOLE point of the post. It happened to be centred on the iPad this time but it could have been anything from overly burnt waffles to rats in your Coke.

      I’d like you to give someone else huge chunks of your salary and STILL not be given the right treatment as a customer or at least the priority as one over walk-ins. Furthermore in both the pragmatic and semantic senses, “pre-book” alone means that a customer should get their products before a walk-in does.

      So before you think that due to the supposed anonymity of the Internet, you can troll and call people names, I suggest you try to figure out what this all means. I’m pretty sure they still teach Comprehension in school these days.

      1. Everybody who reads this article will I think understood what happened. She ‘pre-booked’ and yet another person who didn’t do so gets the product. That’s precisely the “ERROR” in question. AVE have stated that it is due to their system having a glitch. My question remains, what is it that you wanted after all these ? Everybody knows that customer should be treated well. Every customer is special, they shouldn’t be any favouritism. However, like i said before, the retailer in question have admitted their mistake, made an apology and given a choice to the customer. What else would you do if you are the retailer ?

        Please enlighten us.

  14. Next time, please think rationally before flaring at other people’s mistakes. We all know that AVE made a mistake in this part. This is just an advice if you want to listen to it, next time please think before you talk !!. Picture yourself on the other side of the coin and think of how you are going to deal with this issue if you are the retailer. Then you can communicate rationally. Mockery and flat out rudeness is just not attractive.

  15. Okay, everyone thanks for the comments both good and bad. It’s good to know that people feel strongly about it either way, which means I’ve succeeded in my original issue to highlight the problem in the first place. Debate is getting heated so we’ll end it here. 🙂

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