AZ Vs AVe : Part Deux :.

I suck at this. I know, I write better than I can PhotoChop.

I am glad to note that my previous blog post has gotten a lot of attention and sparked a lot of debate, as it rightly should. I’d like to thank everyone who has reposted in Facebook, retweeted the links, and expressed their support through this. I was amazed how many people related to my experience and am grateful to those who shared their stories too.

There have also been people who have reacted negatively to my post and commented. If these are real people with legitimate views, we have to respect them as they are as entitled to their opinions as I am, so I will be closing comments on the previous post from now onwards.

Now, on to the main event. As with any argument, there are two sides to every story, I have clearly stated my side and AVe has officially posted their reply in the comments yesterday morning. You can refer to it by clicking on the link, which has a comprehensive explanation about what went down.

I refrained from saying anything further until today, as I wanted everyone to digest both sides equally.

All that was left was how to tie a nice big bow on this issue to wrap it up. I am very pleased to say that this afternoon a representative from AVe called me personally, and we were able to discuss the matter further in a nice calm, interesting conversation.

He apologized on behalf of the company and said that they had an early morning meeting today with their staff to discuss the situation and assured me that they will try their hardest to improve so that these issues would not happen in future. There should have been protocols in place and better staff communication, but that will be resolved now that they are aware such problems can crop up.

I brought up the issue of the complaints that have been forwarded to me, and he said that everyone who has had an issue before are encouraged to e-mail them at and to have it addressed, whether old or new. I will also be forwarding some of the comments and stories have received to them so they can also take notes in areas that need improving. They cannot change or improve if their customers keep quiet and remain unhappy, so please send in your complaints and concerns.

According to the rep, the demand for iPad 2s have been so high they have stopped taking preorders from today, but rest assured that those who have made their preorders prior to this will get their sets on the 5th and on the 10th of this month, subject to customs clearing and approval and release by AiTi, IN THE ORDER OF YOUR PREORDER BOOKING, if you’re first on the list, you’re the first to get a call, which is how it rightly should have happened in the first place.

So, In a nutshell, I am happy as I have my personal explanation and apology for everything, AVe can breathe a sigh of relief and there was peace throughout the land and rainbows. Yay.

But what can we all learn from all of this?

I am certainly not saying that having a fit in public is any manner or method to resolving an issue, but it certainly brought attention to the real issue at hand here : customer service and consumer rights.

Also many people failed to see that the whole post was not because I was sulking about not getting an iPad 2, but rather, that the customer service experience as a whole was not organised or equipped to handle a large volumes of demand or individual service, which as consumers handing over a large chunk of our salary to purchase premium products are rightly entitled to. I am not doing this to be self-serving, but to make people aware that as a consumer, you should have a great customer service experience everytime, whether as a 1st timer, or a repeat customer. Currently, there are no laws in Brunei that protect consumer rights, which a quick visit to the Attorney General’s Chambers website can prove. The AGC is still currently drafting this, so in layman’s terms, if you found a toenail in your kuey tiaw tapau and asked the restaurant to replace it, as far as your rights go, they can take out the toenail, spit it in further, take your money and not give a shit. How’s that feel then?

Having been put through this incident, and highlighted the issue to the awareness of the public, I want to encourage people to speak up if they are unhappy. If you get bad service, tell the manager or staff in question. Don’t be complacent and allow it to just thrive with the “Biarchia” (leave it be) attitude. People complain that things never change in Brunei, and is it any wonder why? Be the change you want to see.

I have embarrassed myself, put myself out there to public ridicule, yet I managed to get a result for the public for a situation I was unhappy with.

Oh, one more thing you trolls. I have brought to AVe’s attention that someone may have used their Internet connection to post cowardly comments on my  previous post last night, probably with an ID as fake as his arguments. I have been informed that AVe’s wi-fi connection is open for customers and staff to register products, so any pond scum can easily piggyback it to use for ill intentions and purposes. So the comment that was posted under AV’s server, please disregard it, as someone could have easily done so to further incite discontent and made this incident drag on longer than it should. This could be someone easily trying to discredit AVe as both stores were closed at the time.

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See you guys on the 5th to pick up your new iPads. 🙂 I promise I will use my inside voice this time.

Thank you, I’m done now. So in conclusion ME + AV = OK.


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  1. Big yeay for happy endings!

    And I think there are workshops to help with people who can’t Photoshop… ^_~

  2. hey Aliya… hey good article.. kudos!

    could u do one for me for the no standard Standard Chartered Bank LOL

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