About Just Aliya

Part time student, part time entrepreneur/baker, Full time friend of the Furry people known as felines.

My recent claim to fame is being “the iPad tantrum girl” in Brunei. Before fame hit, I was a journalist for an excellent paper, a Educational resources manager with certification in Learning Styles, and a Disney store cast member in London.

I make weird noises to illustrate what I mean, cook a mean lasagna, and try my hardest to make at least one person smile or laugh everyday, which is my lifetime goal.

My posts are irregular, often insane and opinionated and not everyone’s cup of tea.

If I was a super hero, I’d wield a rolling pin of justice and the handbag of honesty to beat the living daylights out of bad people and criminals. My rallying cry would be “Truth, justice and cinnamon buns!”

If I give you a weird pet name, I’ve marked you for life and you won’t be able to get rid of me.

Tweet me : @AliyaZin
e-mail me : aliya_zin@yahoo.com


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